Vespers for a New Dark Age was named #37 on Q2’s “Best 50 albums of the last 20 years”, one of the top albums of 2015 by WNYC’s John Schaefer, Steve Smith of the Boston Globe, and Textura, and was used in dance pieces by choreographers Robert Binet (National Ballet of Canada) and Kitty MacNamee.  Check out Kitty’s piece here, directly from the streets of LA.

THANK YOU TO MY AMAZING COLLABORATORS VICTOIRE (Olivia De Prato, Eileen Mack, Lorna Krier, and Eleonore Oppenheim), GLENN KOTCHE, VOCALISTS Mellissa Hughes, Martha Cluver and Virginia Kelsey, MATTHEW ZAPRUDER, and a special thank you to Jeremy Geffen and everyone at CARNEGIE HALL for commissioning the work, and all of our Kickstarter donors for making the album possible.

AuthorFjola Evans